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5 Reasons to use Electrician Tool Belt Setup

electrician tool belt setup
A good electrician tool belt setup saves you time and weight. Indeed, both are important because an electrician has to wear a belt for many hours daily. First, let’s discuss time and weight and then we will see the best tools you can have in your tool bag and why.

Save Time

electrician tool belt setup

Imagine working far from your truck and realizing that the tool you need is not present in the tool bag. I don’t know about you, but my experience of walking back to the truck in Texas summer heat is something I can recall thirty years down the road.

Therefore, you got to have the right tools in your electrician tool belt setup. We will discuss the apprentice tool you need to carry later in this blog. However, saving time by having all the tools in your tool bag does not mean you should overload it. Indeed, a bag with extra tools will increase its weight and make it difficult to carry around for a long time.

Distribute Weight

electrician tool belt setup

A good electrician tool belt helps you maintain the correct weight of the bag. That I can tell you what happened to me during my apprentice years. Hence, I would get excited and carry a few extra tools in the bag one day.  

At the day’s end, I would realize that a few additional tools have just increased the bag’s weight just for nothing. The next day I would swing. I mean, I won’t offload only the extra tools. Instead, I would leave some essential tools back in the truck. Naturally, on those days, I had to walk back to the truck from the site at least once a day, like I said, on those blazing hot summer days in Texas.

Keeping the Right Tools

electrician tool belt setup

There are essential tools, and then there are job-related tools. That is something I have learned from experience. Of course, we carry some tools all the time. But then there are few that you need only for a specific job. So before heading out, find out precisely what you have to do at the site. For example, you may not need a drill for every job. Indeed drill has some weight. Imagine walking around a few hours with a drill when you don’t have a use for it. Choosing the right tools in your electrician tool belt setup is a great technique for comfort.

Now you might be wondering how you can order a classic electrician tool belt setup made with leather. Well, look no further because we have a perfect system for you.

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