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Our History

Trojan family has been in leather for over 100 years now. We started as cobblers, today we make a range of leather-wear.

Let’s go back to history. Our elders used long, hard needles to sew leather shoes and jackets, using the hides collected locally. Later they also started an attempt to make a water container. After years of trial and error, they made it possible for the villagers to fetch water from the nearby river. They made this water container made out of an entire sheep’s skin.

A big breakthrough took place during world war two. A British army commander stationed near our village brought a leather football to repair. The quality work by the villagers surprised him. Therefore, the officer suggested that our elders start sewing footballs for the British army. As they say, the rest is history.

Today, our region is the world’s top football maker. But that’s just one of the leather products we make. Our other products include a wide range of high-quality leather items.

The Process

Tool Bags, Belts, and Pouches

The leather we use comes from open-range animals, each one used for a specific product. That is to say that cowhide is great for tool bags.

Meanwhile, buffalo hide is better for tools belts.

Selecting the right hide is just the start. Each leather wear requires a certain amount of tanning and thickness. Our elders still take plenty of time to make this decision to give you the best tool bags.

Designing Tool Bags and Belts

A team of designers consults leather buyers and users. They gather information to help us create the best tool bags and belts. It takes months of daily consultations that bring out a useful and beautiful product at the same time.

In other words, for us, comfort and design go hand in hand. Furthermore, we keep improving our leatherwear. It helps us become the best leather belt or work glove manufacturers in the market.

Do you want it customized?

We enjoy listening to people who love leather. Talk to us if you want us to customize leather wear just for you. It can be a tool bag or belt. After all, that’s what our elders did; making shoes for the villagers, one pair at a time.

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