Modified Framer Set / Tool Pouch Belt

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SKU: TBF-5038

Complete adjust-to-fit tool pouch belt system. A framer set with 2 excellent bags. Design to put in your daily usage tools. In addition, the makers use buffalo leather, rivets and nylon sewing to make it sturdy.

      Tool pouch belt system for your framing tools!

      Clearly, with 20 pockets and pouches, this Trojan framer set is a mega tool pouch belt system exclusively for framers. In other words, there is a space for all your essentials. For example, it has large-sized pockets for all your nails and screws.

      • Made with buffalo leather
      • Pouches with various sized pockets
      • Stitched using nylon leather
      • Rivets for great durability
      • Gives great convenience at work

      What can tool pouches hold?

      Leather belts tool pouch has pockets to keep your square and a measuring tape. Besides your essential tools and supplies, this tool pouch belts system has a place to keep your snacks and a cell phone. Furthermore, you get a stainless steel loop to hold a hammer or a drill machine.

      This tool pouch belt system holds pliers, a tape measure and a framing hammer. Moreover, you can keep a Cat’s Paw (Nail Puller), Nail Punch/Set, Speed Square, Combination Square, Carpenter’s Pencil, Utility Knife and a Keel. Furthermore, this system has Storage Pouch for Fasteners, Multi-Tool Screwdriver (X-in-1) and Nail Pouches.

      In addition, it has places for your Torpedo Level, Dedicated Screwdriver and a Chisel. In addition to this, there is a pouch for personal use (snacks or a cellular phone).

      Best leather, rivets & stitching

      This tool belt system is made from thick buffalo leather. Hence, it’s durable as well as comfortable. Additionally, the buffalo leather makes this system water and scratch proof. Comparatively, the way leather holds a tool or fasteners is far better than polyester or cloth.

      The 20 pouches and pockets are part of two bags made from the same extra-strong buffalo leather. Belt tool pouch system has triple end nylon thread and stainless steel rivets. The whole construction uses multi-end nylon thread, and stainless steel rivets make it durable. The belt’s buckle has two prongs for extra strength.

      Finally, this tool pouch belt system is for specific waist sizes. Moreover, you can choose from the left and right-handed versions.

      Leather: Buffalo Leather
      Stitching: Nylon
      Rivets: Stainless Steel
      Pockets & Tool Holders: 20
      Belt Sizes Available: S-M-L-XL-XXL
      Weight: 2200g
      Available in left-hand option also

      8 reviews for Modified Framer Set / Tool Pouch Belt

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      1. Very comfortable. Infinite sizing due to adjustable belt system. Large pocket holds cordless impact. Super-good quality.

      2. This is a super high quality tool belt that is really comfortable. Had it for a couple of months. Time will tell if it was worth it.

      3. Husband is left handed and needed a tool bag for work that would hold up
        This bag is tough and he is in heaven
        Thanks again

      4. These are hands down the greatest bags around. They are incredibly tough, sturdy and can fit anything and everything. The pouches are large and when bending over and moving all around, not a single tool falls out. Also they look amazing and fit for absolute comfort. If you need new bags, Trojan is well worth the price!

      5. My husband has had this for 16 months now and it’s still in great shape. He uses it everyday and it’s loaded up for sure.

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      Modified Framer Set / Tool Pouch Belt Modified Framer Set / Tool Pouch Belt
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