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A remarkable tape measure holder made with 100% genuine leather. It is great to hold tapes of various sizes. This item is great to hold various tools.


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Trojan tape measure holder – Fit the tape of your choice!

Indeed, a tape measure holder is an essential part of your tool set, which helps you keep the frequently used tape nearby. Therefore, you can pull it out easily and many times during the day. Tapes come in different shapes and sizes.

However, the tape is one of the few breakable tools you carry. A Trojan leather tape measure holders is made from the most robust buffalo leather. Therefore, it can absorb an outside hit and protect the tape.

Top Qualities
  • Magnetic
    It’s suitable for electricians who have to measure a length in a tight or difficult to reach the place.
  • Spring
    The coiling strength of a tape measure depends upon the coil’s material used inside the tape measure. Moreover, check the tape to see if the coiling power suits you. Consequently, the tape measures with stronger coils are more expensive.
  • Rust resistant
    If you use a tape measure outdoors and mostly in rainy or snowy conditions, you have to have a rust-resistant tape measure to put in tape measure holder.
  • Ergonomic
    The design of the tape is a personal preference. Therefore, you can select a measuring tape in the traditional yellow or red. Furthermore, you can now get tape measures in jazzy blues and pinks.
  • Double hook
    Depending on your work, you can select a double hooked or just the single one. The leather tape measure holder should be most convenient.
  • Lock
    Some measuring tapes have a solid lock and need a little more effort. Meanwhile, you can get one with a softer lock button.
  • Outer Casing
    Check out the materials of the outer casing of the measuring tape before buying. Indeed, you can choose from rubber, plastic, or metal.

Made from seasoned buffalo skin

Since most tape holder covers are made of plastic, the Trojan tape measure holder saves this plastic cover from hits and jerks. In other words, you can accommodate any one of the professional tapes in this pouch easily.

Furthermore, pulling and putting a tape in a Trojan tape holder is easy. Again, it’s due to the seasoning of the leather, which is an essential part of our manufacturing process.

It’s the best!

Finally, a Trojan leather tape measure holder can be adjusted to any tool or dress belt. It is durable and soft. In conclusion, you will love the feel of this significant part of your tool belt due to its softness and strength.

Leather: Buffalo Leather
Rivets: Stainless Steel
Weight: 150g

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  1. Love this product. Very useful.

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