Large Capacity Tool Belt / Leather Tool Belt System

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SKU: TBF-5035

The finest tool belt system that has the best specifications to offer. The tool belt holder has the most amazing pockets to hold heavier tools. Moreover, this leather tool belt system has great pockets to keep the tools nearby.

      The galactic – Leather tool belt system

      It is ‘The’ leather tool belt system. In a word, it’s astronomical. But before we talk about its 21 pockets, loops and pouches, we have to warn you: this bag is not for the faint-hearted amateurs. Moreover, we make it for pros, who love to carry loads and tools.

      Not all carpentry and framing jobs are created equal. In other words, there are small jobs that may take an hour or two near your trailer. In addition, there are those colossal jobs way up there, far from your truck, that might take long hours to complete.

      Naturally, for the second kind of job, you can’t afford to come back after every few hours to reload or replace a tool: this tool belt made of leather is developed precisely for those mega jobs.

      • Made with original buffalo leather
      • Nylon stitching and rivets
      • No-slip pockets
      • Loops, pouches and belt

      Made with love & leather!

      We start explaining each of the two bag sets in more detail. Let’s call them bag sets one and two. The bag set One of these leather tool belt systems has two large bags sufficient for all your screws and nails. And by enough, we mean hundreds, not dozens.

      Furthermore, you will find two pouches on the top of this bag, one for the measuring tape and the other for your snacks. Yes, you read it right! Snacks.

      Best for tough jobs

      As we said, it’s your day-long-far-from-the-trailer kind of leather tool belt system. It has enough space to hold a health bar and dry fruits. In addition to all that, bag one has one pocket on the left for a pencil and two leather holders on the right that you can use for screwdrivers or markers.

      Next, let’s talk about bag system number two. This bag has three larger pouches for all your small stuff, including fasteners. Furthermore, inside the pouch, you have four pockets and two holders for your tools. Further, you have a more extended leather holder on one side, suitable for a hammer or a crowbar. Finally, you got three pockets for all kinds of bits on the top of bag two.

      Additionally, you have a two in one holder on this leather tool belt system. You get one rust-free steel holder for a drill machine and a leather holder for an axe. This whole system is made of extra-thick buffalo skin leather, which is stitched with triple end polyester thread and riveted all around with steel rivets and washers.

      Indeed, this mega leather tool belt system is robust and large enough to last you a very long time.

      Leather: Buffalo Leather
      Stitching: Nylon
      Rivets: Stainless Steel
      Pockets & Tool Holders: 24
      Belt Sizes Available: S-M-L-XL-XXL
      Weight: 2200g
      Available in left-hand option also

      8 reviews for Large Capacity Tool Belt / Leather Tool Belt System

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      1. My husband is so happy, exactly what he wanted. I am looking forward to not purchasing pouches again for several years, but when the time comes, it’ll be these.

      2. I have owned these bags for four years and they only get more comfortable and show zereo signs of deterioration. thats the pros the cons are they are quite heavy ( although the heavy leather tends to carry the weight better)

      3. Purchased these for my husband as a Father’s Day gift. He loves them…says they are comfortable and well worth the cost.

      4. Even though I had to send it back, I loved it, very comfortable right out of the box, could tell it was well worth the money from just the 15-20 mins I was wearing it, I sent it back because it was a little too small for my liking & ordered a size larger

      5. If you are a carpenter and are looking for a long term option for tools, fasteners, and joiners, this is a MUST.

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      Large Capacity Tool Belt / Leather Tool Belt System Large Capacity Tool Belt / Leather Tool Belt System
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