Trim Work Set / Tool and Equipment Belts

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SKU: TBF-5037

The attractive tool and equipment belts made with pure leather. It has 20 pockets and tool holders. This is an everlasting belt. This belt helps keeping tools handy. It is best for workplace wear.


Tool and Equipment Belt – An essential for professionals

Only the enlightened few understand the importance of trim work. Trim work is the difference between a beautifully finished house and a poor looking one. Indeed, the tools required for trim work are exceptional. Similarly, the tool and equipment belts used to hold those tools must be top quality.

Good trimming of a house increases the worth of a property considerably. Therefore, trimming is more of artistic skill than anything else.

  • Created for professional who values trimming work
  • We design each of its 20 pockets, sleeves and pouches
  • You can choose between the left and right-handed bag orientations
  • Made up of high-quality material

How to organize the trim carpenter tool belt?

The whole system consists of two hefty bags. Each bag has multiple pouches and holders. Furthermore, these tool belts have a tape measure, speed square, and marking knives.

In addition, you have organized pouches for screws, bolts, pliers, and chisels. The Trojan tool and equipment belts include stainless steel snap and a leather loop for a hammer. Moreover, you can choose the place for each tool after counting the frequency of the usage of that particular tool. In other words, the tool most frequently used is the place nearest to the hand.

What materials do we use for Trojan Trim Set?

Furthermore, even with all the features mentioned above, this trim carpenter tool belt is most remarkable is the buffalo skin use to make it. We guarantee you that the buffalo leather used to make Trojan tools and equipment belts is the best in the world. Therefore, it will last you much longer than other belts available.

Over time, you will find buffalo skin to be most comfortable and durable. Moreover, we use stainless steel rivets and loops; therefore, there is no chance of them breaking or rusting. In conclusion, trimming is a work of art, with its own set of tools and requiring a unique tool and equipment belts, and that is what Trojan has for you.

Leather: Buffalo Leather
Stitching: Nylon
Rivets: Stainless Steel
Pockets & Tool Holders: 20
Belt Sizes Available: S-M-L-XL-XXL
Weight: 2100g
Available in left-hand option also

8 reviews for Trim Work Set / Tool and Equipment Belts

  1. Alexander

    Awesome quality.

  2. Jason L. Howell

    Had my fair share of cheap toolbelts over the years. This one is a step above. What I really like about this kit is how each bag stays open — and accessible. They don’t get squished down, so your tools and even smaller items like fasteners are easy to fish out.

  3. David Holman

    This is absolutely the best tool belt I’ve ever owned! I don’t know why I waited so long to buy one, I guess I was always worried about the price. The quality, durability and ‘layout’ of the pouches tells you this was designed by someone who has actually worked in the field or definitely did their research! I also love that one you put it on, the pouches don’t slide around

  4. Jace

    I really like this toolbelt, its the best I have found.I use for framing and trim.It rides higher than most. Make sure to check the sizes as the belt tends to be on the short side. I wear 32 pants, and have the medium.

  5. Oscar

    I got the left handed version and while it took a while to get used to, I’m more efficient now than ever.

  6. Ben Wright

    Really nice, lightweight, all-day comfortable tool belt. If you are even considering this belt, get it, you’ll love it. I wear 32″ belt and got the large. It’s been plenty big enough for wearing New England winter weather clothing.

  7. Shawn Woodbury

    Best bags I’ve ever had in the 25 years of construction…why did i ever wait so damn long to get these!

  8. Candace Apodaca

    I bought these for my husband & he loves them. These bags are durable, light weight & comfortable. Super happy with this product & I’ll definitely be buying more products from this company.

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