Framer System / Framing Tool Belt

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SKU: TBF-5033

A marvelous belt system for great assistance and comfort. The experts made its design fine and modest for a user-friendly experience. The framing tool belt holds 19 spacious pockets that can carry many tools and prove to be helpful for the workers.

      Framing Tool Belts Striking Features

      Some of the key aspects of this genuine leather framing tool belt have been discussed below. However, Pro Tool Review has discussed many but here we share the five prominent features with our users.  

      • Pockets and tool holders
      • Customization
      • Quality
      • Durability
      • Value

      Best Pockets and tool holders (Capacity)

      Trojan has 19 pockets and tool holders. Certainly, it has sufficient capacity to hold all your fasteners. Moreover, it has proper places for your hammer, Framing Square, marking tools, tape, tape measure, wooden folding ruler, chalk line, small combo pry bar/nail puller, and end cutters.

      Furthermore, Trojan Framing Tool Belt has pockets for needle nose pliers, a level, scribes, 2-3 carpenter pencils, 2 fixed-blade utility knives, an LED flashlight, and a multi-bit screwdriver.


      Additionally, you can choose from four different sizes of belts. Moreover, you can pick the right-handed or the left-handed type of Trojan’s best framing tool belt system.


      Furthermore, this Framing Belt system made from 100% genuine buffalo leather. Again, this whole system is not made from nylon, or some fabric and it’s not some cowhide, either. Undoubtedly, this is real buffalo leather, and nothing beats the strength and comfort of buffalo skin.

      Moreover, we have used triple-end polyester thread to stitch the whole system. In addition, the Trojan Framing Tool Belt system is reinforced by stainless steel rivets.


      The Buffalo leather along with stainless steel rivets, and buckle make this whole belt the most long-lasting belt available. In other words, this whole belt will last you longer than any other belt.


      Finally, as compared to any other framing belt, this Trojans best framing tool belt system will cost you 40% less, guaranteed.

      Leather: Buffalo Leather
      Stitching: Nylon
      Rivets: Stainless Steel
      Pockets & Tool Holders: 19
      Belt Sizes Available: S-M-L-XL-XXL
      Weight: 2000g
      Available in the left-hand option also

      4 reviews for Framer System / Framing Tool Belt

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      1. Best bags I ever bought! Worth every cent , and I’m disappointed with myself for waiting so long to get a pair, I went thru 2 sets , 2 from home depot, 2 menards and 2 from sears in 4 years. I’m a journeyman carpenter doing heavy concrete forms. So my bags get worked daily and hard.

      2. Great set of bags. So many of my coworkers have sworn off their Occidental bags after seeing and feeling my set up.

      3. Good product comfortable. Bags hang just right for me at 6’2” and don’t get in the way when I’m kneeling. The big bag fits an impact great.

      4. Thank you, i really like the product.

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      Framer System / Framing Tool Belt Framer System / Framing Tool Belt
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