2 Pouch Heavy-Duty Bag / Leather Pouches for Tools

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SKU: TBP-5061

A small tool pouch with an attractive design and specifications. It helps you manage and keep your tools safe. In addition, the 2 pockets ensure that all of your tools can be kept in the bag. Overall, the 2 pouch heavy-duty bag is fantastic.


    Best-designed leather pouches for tools

    Trojan 2 pouch heavy-duty tool bag has all the qualities of a premium leather pouch. Trojan has the best leather pouches for tools made with the most refined buffalo skin. In other words, buffalo skin is the most durable and beautiful material for a tool bag.

    The best part about the Trojan tool bag is:

    • More affordable, our prices considerably less than our competitors
    • The Trojan tool bag is compact therefore it weighs less
    • Holds a lot of tools and fasteners
    • Tool bag with plenty of space

    It has two slots for pencils or screwdrivers, two leather loops for long-handled tools, and one pouch for a square. It has a leather pouch for your measurement tape, a pocket for smaller tools. Moreover, it has one bag for all your tools and another pouch for your fasteners.

    This two-pouch heavy-duty bag comes in handy in most jobs. Let’s suppose you are heading for remodeling, repair, or just some kind of extension job. Consequently, it would help if you had a few fasteners, tools, and a measuring tape.

    Therefore, you don’t see the need for heavy-duty eight pouch bags. A large bag will make your walking or climbing a bit more challenging.

    Nylon vs. leather: Which tool bag is better?

    Here is a comparison between a nylon and leather pouches for tools:

    • A leather bag won’t wear out as fast as a nylon one.
    • The leather tool pouch is more durable.
    • A tool bag won’t rip off. At least not as quickly as a nylon one would
    • It is easy to fix a tool bag.

    You can’t recondition a nylon bag. In comparison, you can bring back a leather bag to life quickly. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and then apply some leather oil. Over time, a leather bag forms to your body, giving you a more comfortable feeling. That’s why, a leather pouches for tools is the best choice for a long-lasting use.

    Leather is a more sturdy material. Therefore you can have more pockets in a leather bag without slag. Moreover, you can have pockets of various sizes in a tool bag made of leather, making it more versatile. Finally, leather is more aesthetic than a nylon tool bag.

    However, a tool bag has two drawbacks? A leather tool pouch is more expensive. Moreover, it is heavier than a nylon tool bag.

    Overall, a great pouch!

    That’s where this two-pouch-heavy built bag comes in handy. Firstly, it will hold all your essential tools without any problem. Secondly, the pouches will give you plenty of space to carry the fasteners. The two-pouch heavy-duty leather pouches for tools are great for keeping your tools safe and managed.

    Leather: Buffalo Leather
    Stitching: Nylon
    Rivets: Stainless Steel
    Pockets & Tool Holders: 8
    Outer Bags: 7″ * 6″
    Main Bag: 9.5″ * 8″
    Weight: 725g

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    2 Pouch Heavy-Duty Bag / Leather Pouches for Tools 2 Pouch Heavy-Duty Bag / Leather Pouches for Tools
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