Mega Framer System / Leather Tool Belt Pouches

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Get perfection and comfort at work with the greatest tool belt system. The bags of double outer tool belt have 21 pockets for you to arrange your tools. The extra leather pouches have double the flexibility and convenience.


Mega Framer System – With multiple leather tool belt pouches

We call it mega framer system for a good reason. This system has lots of leather tool belt pouches. That give you lots of space. Moreover, this system is suitable for framers and other multiple tasks.

  • Two bags with multiple pockets
  • Leather loops
  • No-spill leather belt tool pouch
  • Pockets on top
  • Made with fine buffalo leather
  • Stainless-steel rivets

Bag one

The whole system consists of two bags. One of the bags has three large leather tool belt pouches. Indeed, these pouches can hold fasteners, cell phones, and personal stuff. It has plenty of space for lots of nails and screws. Additionally, it has multiple leather loops on both sides of the bag. Indeed, these loops are suitable for holding your screwdrivers and tools with long handles.

Bag two

The second bag of the Mega Multiple has pockets, pouches, and loops for all your tools. In other words, this system is suitable for all trades. It has four bags. The one on the top can hold even hold a large measuring tape. The pouch in the middle has multiple pockets for tools.

Furthermore, you will find two more spaces for multiple tools right under this. Therefore, the system has amazing leather tool belt pouches.

Loop holder

This system also includes a stainless steel loop for a hammer or an axe. Moreover, right on top of the stainless steel loop, you will find a leather loop. You can use this loop to keep a tool that you use frequently. That is why you need to put this belt pouch in your cart right away. Both loop holder and leather belt tool pouch make this an amazing system.

Made from the best materials

Indeed, like all other Trojan belt systems, we make Mega framer from the world’s best buffalo leather. Therefore, Trojan guaranteed it to last longer than all other tool belts.

Moreover, we use stainless steel rivets and loops to ensure that leather tool belt pouches remain rust-free even after many years of use. In other words, if you need a framer system that is good for holding lots of tools and supplies for various professions, you need to look no further than the Mega framer system.

Leather: Buffalo Leather
Stitching: Nylon
Rivets: Stainless Steel
Pockets & Tool Holders: 21
Belt Sizes Available: S-M-L-XL-XXL
Weight: 2100g
Available in left-hand option also

6 reviews for Mega Framer System / Leather Tool Belt Pouches

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  1. This belt is hands down, the nicest belt I have ever seen. The quality is second to none and I fully plan on being able to give this to my children. Buy this once, and you’ll never need to buy it again.

  2. I’m a DIYer renovating a home. I’ve been using this tool rig for a month. I think it’s great. I’m a thin guy and it fits comfortably. It only took me a few minutes to adjust it. My jeans waist-size is 30″ or 31″ and this is one of the few tool belts advertised to fit folks my size!

  3. My husband loves this new rig so far! as for durability i will come back in a while to update on that. So far though he says it is very comfortable

  4. Love this belt! I have several different tool belts/pouches that I use depending on what I will be working on. This one can hold everything I will need for just about any job.

  5. it’s super comfortable and has tons of pockets and slots and places for things in all of the right places.

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